Doug is not your typical entrepreneur. After studying Graphic Design in England he decided that he would never make a career as an artist so at the age of 17, he headed straight into the workforce. With little or no direction he worked in a number of roles before finding his calling in Sales. He always had the “gift of the gab” or so he was told and this would make recruitment a career path that he would surely succeed in.

Doug’s passion for recruitment took root in the United Kingdom in 2004. In 2009, he took a leave to explore parts unknown (Asia, Australia, South America, Canada), which included a final stop in Miami. He immediately fell in love (and found love in) the Magic City. He went on to launch a global franchise in South Florida in 2013 and found immediate success staffing for a client with whom he eventually would partner to open Benjamin Douglas in 2015.

Ultimately, Doug bought out the original partner in 2018, taking the reins fully on his own. In April 2019, South Florida Business Journal named Benjamin Douglas a “Top 25 Temporary Personnel & Staffing Agency” with Viney heralded as a “Person on the move”.

As Doug can attest to; “The lifeblood of any company in any industry is its human capital. It’s placing the most impressive candidates into the most appropriate roles that’s going to equate for the growth and success of a company’s product or service.

My team knows there are no shortcuts to successful staffing – we have gathered our insight, contacts, and resources by digging, scratching, and clawing to connect with South Florida’s finest”. As a small firm developing its brand, Benjamin Douglas is committed to using the best practices Doug has gleaned from his 15 years of experience finding and placing talent all over the globe. Key to this is avoiding the tactics that create a bad reputation for many recruitment firms.

Originally from Reading, England, today Doug resides in Miami with his wife and two sons, Finn and Brody.

Loves: Rum, Wife, Kids, Family, Friends, Travel, Reading, Cigars, Golf, Rum, Liverpool, Basketball, Rum, Music oh and did I mention the Rum!!